Amy Schumer Tampon Joke: Poor Taste or Double Standard Vs. Women?

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Amy Schumer has just owned the most OMG moment in the Emmys red carpet. Twitter is now filled with different reactions after the 35-year-old comedienne did a surprising joke about the brand of tampon she was wearing. And, the whole world then knew that Schumer had her period when she attended the 2016 Emmys at the Los Angeles? Microsoft Theater on Sunday, September 18.

While it was a usual scene to hear stars share something about the ins and outs of their outfits when walking the red carpet, Schumer?s tampon joke is undoubtedly the most talked about this year.

Many think it was a bad joke, while for some, it?s a double standard against women. It looks like men can get away with the most gross joke, but women can’t and so something which was supposed to be a ?joke? turned out to be something really serious which puts the comedienne in shame and trouble.

Amy Schumer Announces Her Tampon Brand

During a live interview with Giuliana Rancic, Schumer had proudly shared that her dress was by Vivienne Westwood and her footwear was by Tom Ford. But what surprised everyone was when she mentioned that her tampon was by O.B. It is understandable why Rancic seemed to have faced the greatest shock of her life during that particular interview.

Reactions keep on coming via the social media. A Twitter user named Miss Representation couldn?t help but notice how Schumer broke the news of her tampon brand. Many think that Schumer?s tampon joke is not only a bad joke, but is worse than that. Schumer?s interview statement has gone intolerable when she went to the point of using a word to describe her vajayjay which a lot of women do not find appropriate.

While several women are unhappy and even hurt about Schumer?s interview on the red carpet, her loyal supporters see it as just another reason to love Schumer and her standup comic scenes. ?

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