Is Amy Schumer Gay? Actress In Limelight After Making Feminist Stand In Hollywood

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Amy Schumer has been a lot of scrutiny lately. She had been called a joke thief. The issue was a overblown according to fans. Joe Rogan seemed to have came up with some defense for him Joe Rogan an accomplished comic, TV personality and a color commentator for the UFC. He has a popular podcast called The Joe Rogan Experience.?

The topic of Amy Schumer comes around at the 22:53 mark up to the 50 minute mark of the episode.

Joe Rogan is well-known for his tirades against extreme feminism and the regressive left. He and fellow comedian Hannibal Buress?spoke about the Amy Schumer scandal in the Joe Rogan Experience?podcast. They might have just defended her. Rogan alluded that?if there is?an originality problem on Amy Schumer?s show, it could have been the writers? fault. This and other kinds of ?publicity? just allows the Amy Schumer star to shine even brighter.

Amy Schumer Too Fat?

Amy Schumer?revealed?that she had been encouraged to lose weight for her movie role. This movie is Trainwreck. This is a movie that she wrote as pointed out by RTE.ie. She wrote this movie drawing from her own life experiences to create the main character who, by a fat chance (no pun intended) is also named Amy.

She revealed that her movie bosses told her that she had to lose weight for the Romantic comedy. This is so because being more than 140 pounds in a Hollywood film will apparently hurt people?s eyes.

She vowed not to lose weight again for a role. This seems that she is?making a stand as a powerful female entertainment personality.

Schumer is known for her appeal as a strong woman. This might have stemmed from her upbringing revealed in her book The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo. She reveals that she was a rich kid before being a daughter of a furniture magnate but had to lose her luxurious life after her father fell ill.

Many women identify with Schumer. This is according to Trish Bendix in her article on After Ellen. Bendix?sees?Amy Schumer to be a forward-thinking feminist. This is even Schumer?is not bisexual-identified. Her involvement in queer women roles in her comedy apparently helps the LGBT and feminist cause. Do you think that this is the case?

Is her stand on not losing weight for a role a positive effect on liberal politics and culture? Is this a conscious protest or just a personal preference? What do you think?

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