Americas Next Top Model Season 22 Winner: Tyra Is Dragging The Results, But We Have An Idea On Who Will Win

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Looks like the last few episodes of America?s Next Top Model are going to be quite entertaining. Thanks to Tyra Banks. So instead of having just three finalists in the last episodes of “America’s Next Top Model,” show host and producer Tyra ?had to deal with four – Nyle DiMarco, Mame Adjei, Mikey Heverly, and Lacey Rogers. To deal with this hitch, she decided to make the contestants compete against each other based on their gender. Which means it’s going to be guy vs. guy and girl vs. girl.

The previous episode, titled Finale Part 1: The Girl Who Made a Splash, showed the finalists preparing for a Zappos Couture campaign and their final runway show. The ladies were getting a bit more competitive after the format changed, as what they produced for that week will be the ones that will decide who among them will be the winner. And there was some controversy involving Heverly and Adjei, who were suspected to have been intimate one night. Both parties denied the accusation, although some others had reason to believe there was truth in it, stated Latin Post.

However one will not get to know who the winner will be until 4thDecember. However, Cycle 22, Episode 16 will depict the second part of the finale, which includes Mame, Lacey, Mikey and Nyle. The four contestants will take part in a dazzling runway show whilst Tyra watches her prodigies display their talent on stage.

According to reports, the finale will be shot at the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the model hopefuls will walk to live music by a string quartet. Furthermore, they will wear Rocky Gathercole’s clothing, which, for the finale, seems to be an ensemble of chic art, reports Chron.

The promo for Episode 16 reveals an extremely confident and fierce Lacey as she walks down the runway. Mikey and Mame seem like professional models, embracing style, charisma and plenty of spirit.

Let?s wait and watch who the winner of this season will be. Tough choice, isn?t it?


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