America’s Next Top Model Season 22 Winner Spoilers: And The Winner Is…

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We have just two more days to go for the finale of Cycle 22 and final episode of “America’s Next Top Model? which will air on The CW on Dec. 4.? This is the last chance for some of us to watch some fierce model hopefuls as they make their mark in the world of the runway.

America?s Next Top Model?s Cycle 22, Episode 16 will present the second part of the finale.

America’s Next Top Model?s,” show host and producer Tyra Banks had to deal with four finalists instead of having just three finalists. The four finalists are Nyle DiMarco, Mame Adjei, Mikey Heverly, and Lacey Rogers. To deal with this hitch, she decided to make the contestants compete against each other based on their gender. Which means it’s going to be guy vs. guy and girl vs. girl.

The finalists were seen preparing for a Zappos Couture campaign and their final runway show in the previous episode, titled “Finale Part 1: The Girl Who Made a Splash.” They were getting a bit more competitive after the format changed, as what they produced for that week will be the ones that will decide who among them will be the winner. There was also some controversy about Heverly and Adjei. They were suspected to have been intimate one night. Though some others had reason to believe there was truth in it, both parties denied the allegation, quoted latinospost.com

The venue for the finale of ?America?s Next Top Model? will be the Walt Disney Concert Hall, according to reports. The four contestants will be seen walking to live music by a string quartet. Rocky Gathercole’s clothing that seems to be an ensemble of chic art will be worn by them for this event, according to ibtimes.co.in

Mikey and Mame seem like professional models, embracing style, charisma and plenty of spirit, but an extremely confident and fierce Lacey is seen in the promo for Episode 16 where she walks down the runway — and we know that above all else, Tyra usually picks out the most spirited contestant to be the next winner of the batch.

However, if they are to choose a truly unforgettable participant, then the last to be called America’s Next Top Model is surely Nule, whose disability didn’t hinder him from performing well, but rather, actually made him shine.

Who will win the finale? Hard to answer, isn?t it?

Well, to find out more, watch “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 22 Episode 16 that airs on Friday, December 4 at 9pm on The CW.

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