America’s Next Top Model Season 22 Spoilers: Tyra Saves The Best For Last In Final 5, Winner Will Be ?Next? Tyra Banks?

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In America’s Next Top Model cycle 22 episode 12 titled The Guy Who Closed the Deal in Vegas, which aired on The CW on Oct. 30, Friday, Tyra Banks announced the top five finalists ? and it clearly shows she is saving the best for her the last hurrah of her famous show.

Nyle DiMarco, Mikey Heverly, Mame Adjei, Lacey Rogers, Devin Clark and Hadassah Richardson showed off ensembles from Zappos Couture in ANTM cycle 22 episode 12.

According to Yibada, the top six ANTM cycle 22 finalists were introduced to Zappos Couture Brand Marketing head Melissa Costa by Kelly Cutrone at the Zappos Couture headquarters. In their wild photo shoot with Miss J. Alexander, Rogers struggled and according to Yu Tsai, she has gotten repetitive.

At the judging panel, Cutrone said she likes Rogers’s pose but her face was not very strong. The judge also said Richardson’s face looked beautiful but there is something missing, which keeps it from being sexy.

In the end, beauty queen-esque Hadassah was eliminated ? no surprise there, and we?re left with five very strong and unique individuals with the X-factor to win the show and be labeled as the last America?s Next Top Model.

What?s in store for the next episode

This Friday, November. 6, the models will have yet another challenging photo shoot to partake in that will ultimately send another one of them home.

Enstarz?reports that, the CW Television Network’s YouTube channel has released a sneak peek into the next episode and this photo shoot the final five contestants will be part of is spooky!

In the sneak peek, Yu Tsai enlightens the remaining five contestants on their upcoming photo shoot as they roast marshmallows in the woods.

?You’re going to turn fear into fashion,” he tells them as they sit around a fire. You will be modeling in the dark. That’s right, you’re going to be posing in the woods in complete pitch darkness,? said Tsai.

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