America’s Next Top Model Premiere: Rita Ora Ditches Singing Career? Plans to Erase Tyra Banks’ Legacy on ANTM

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America's Next Top Model Premiere

The America?s Next Top Model Premiere hasn?t even started, yet there has already been an endless comparison between Rita Ora and Tyra Banks.

It will be a great adjustment for the avid followers of ANTM now that Tyra Banks finally stepped down from her throne as the show?s host. But since America?s Next Top Model has Rita Ora as the new host, will she totally erase Tyra Bank?s Legacy? Is she finally quitting the music industry for the show?

Tyra Banks Turnovers the Hosting Job to Rita Ora

Rita Ora previously revealed how much of a fan she was of America?s Next Top Model, despite the fact that she’s British and not an American. She also told People how incredible her experience was as a fan, when she finally met Tyra Banks, referring to the former host as ?The Queen.?

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In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Rita Ora revealed how supportive Tyra Banks has been during the turnover. The singer also explained that Tyra Banks isn?t totally out from the show, as she will still be involved as the executive producer of ANTM Cycle 23.

America's Next Top Model Premiere

Tyra Banks is also seen making an appearance in the premiere episode of the show. Ashley Graham, one of the judges of the show also stated that Tyra Banks constantly sends encouraging voice memos to show her support.

So it?s safe to assume that fans will still be seeing Banks every now and then in Cycle 23.

Rita Ora as America?s Next Top Model Cycle 23?s New Host

Rita Ora shared her experience during the shooting of the reality show, and how she immediately fell in love with all of the top model wannabes. She also expressed her intentions of finding a superstar in the contestants.

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The singer also revealed the challenges that she encountered as the new host of ANTM.?Furthermore, she clarified that there will be no such thing as replacing Tyra Banks in the show.

As per Entertainment Tonight, Rita Ora explained that she vows to continue the legacy that Tyra Banks put up for 22 cycles, and will try to make the show their own but with a new panel.

Putting an end to the rumors that she will quit singing, Rita Ora talks about her latest album. She also shares?how music is the main reason why she pushed through in the industry.

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