America’s Next Top Model Cycle 23 News & Premiere Date: Tyra Banks Takes Back Seat from Show

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Since we heard the news about Tyra Banks passing her role of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 23 host to Rita Ora, people automatically had that ?cry inside like a winner? moment. Who wouldn?t miss Tyra Banks smizing her way up to Cycle 22?

The feels is definitely real knowing that people won?t get the chance to see their much-loved Queen Tyra. But news says that they won?t be missing her too long.

Tyra Banks Back to host America?s Next Top Model Cycle 23?

As much as everybody wants that to happen, every people know that Rita Ora hosting America’s Next Top Model Cycle 23 is definitely official. Don’t get me wrong, Rita Ora is the next ultimate fit to host ANTM, but it’s just not the same without Tyra.

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The good news is, people will still be seeing Tyra Banks in the show. In fact, she’s actually back to spread some positive vibes to the aspiring models on the show’s premiere.

In Cycle 23’s premiere sneak peek, viewers have seen the soon-to-be supermodels getting ready to take on Gotham’s streets. What they don’t know is that they should’ve prepared themselves to meet Tyra Banks!

Just seeing the models so emotional seeing Tyra makes the fans feel so affected over the meetup as well. However, nobody really knows if Tyra is back to give the girls a good push. I mean, it?s possible that she?d give them a challenge that will make them wanna quit on first day, who knows?!

Release Date and Other America’s Next Top Model Cycle 23 Updates

Fans are already super hyped knowing that Tyra Banks will be back on the show. And who would forget the official turnover of the crown to Rita Ora?

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ANTM fans can also look forward to judges Ashley Graham, Paper Magazine Creative Officer Drew Elliot, and stylist, Law Roach.

And of course fans are all so excited to meet the new contestants who are bound to take the biggest step in their modelling career. Plus, the challenges that they are about to face every week. The name of the contestants are as follows:

  • Cody Wells
  • Binta Dibba
  • Cherish Waters
  • Cory Anne Roberts
  • Marissa Hopkins
  • Paige Mobley
  • Courtney Nelson
  • Tash Wells
  • India Gants
  • Tatiana Price
  • Kyle McCoy
  • Giah Hardeman
  • Krislian Rodriguez
  • Justine Biticon

The premiere of America?s Next Top Model Cycle 23 is about to set fire on your television screens on December 12 at VH1.

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