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America?s Next Top Model Cycle 22 Winner: Nyle DiMarco Is The Most Deserving Of All!

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America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 Winner

We?ve always pointed out that the last winner of America?s Next Top Model is going to be unforgettable, and we knew that Tyra will choose the one with the best story to tell. And she did just that when deaf model Nyle DiMarco was crowned as the final winner of the long-running America?s Next Top Model.

Pitted against his biggest competition, the statuesque Mam? Adjei, Nyle proved that he wasn?t just competing against other equally-beautiful counterparts. He also had to compete with a disadvantage. His disability made it doubly difficult for him to take directions most of the time.

But the most amazing part is not the challenge ? it was how he was able to rise above all these and consistently performed even better against other wanna-be models.

Biggest Challenge

It can be remembered how DiMarco struggled to perform when they had a shoot in pitch darkness, and supposedly only had to take directions from Yu Tsai who was shouting directions. Being deaf, he naturally struggled.

“I’m Deaf, but shooting in the dark also made me blind!” he told People. “I’ve never been so frustrated in my life because I knew that I could do it.”

But DiMarco eventually recovered and there were some challenges he just stood out, one of the most surprising of which is making a music video where he was supposed to follow the groove.

Another was when he shot with a Siberian Husky ? it was the first time that DiMarco had to take a photo fully-clothed. The model has been known for his perfectly-sculpted abs, so working without it was something new.

One of his most treasured challenges was posing with his mom who was also deaf.

Despite the challenges, DiMarco?s piercing blue eyes, and natural flare for modeling made him one of the most-deserving contestants to ever win the competition.

“Being a Deaf person on a television show alone is pretty groundbreaking, so it felt incredible just to be on the show ? but to win it was amazing!”

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