America’s Got Talent Co-Hosted by the Talented Michael Phelps on Elimination Night

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America?s Got Talent aptly called on the talented Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps to co-host the show?s elimination round. Phelps, who has recently announced his retirement after having won 23 gold medals, entered the stage to The Script?s ?Hall of Fame?, and a standing ovation. The audience chanted ?U-S-A? on Nick Cannon?s prodding.

The show was special to Phelps as his fianc?e, Nicole Johnson, and their firstborn, Boomer, watched from the audience, just like when he was still competing at the Rio Olympics.

When Cannon asked Phelps what drives him to succeed, the swimmer admitted, ?I hate to lose, number one.? He shared that he has been goal-setting since he was 9 years old. ?I basically said I wanted to change the sport of swimming, and I wanted to do something that nobody has ever done before.?

Phelps revealed that winning his 23rd gold medal was when all the emotions came out. He was finally happy with everything he?s done in his career, and is now able to retire how he wants to. He attributes his success to 4-month-old son, Boomer, who was in the stands watching him compete, even if he wasn?t always awake. He shared the incomparable experience of being able to look up at the stands and see his bundle of joy after a race.

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Prior to going on-stage, Phelps, Nicole and Boomer posed with hard-to-please judge Simon Cowell. It looked like Cowell would push the golden buzzer anytime for the baby celebrity who already has 636,000 followers on Instagram.

How amazing is this?!? Im hanging with daddy before #agt and I got to meet the legend @simoncowell !!

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Cannon, in the meantime, asked Phelps if the swimmer would be sticking around to help him co-host the show because he?s wearing his gold jacket and all. Phelps responded, ?You should have told me, I would have brought the gold medals.?

Elimination night saw 5 contenders going home. The contortionist, Vello Vaher, received an early X buzz from Simon on performance night. Ronee Martin, the diva singer who although the judges loved, her fate was left to America?s votes. Mother and son tandem Alla and Daniel also would not continue in the competition, with Howie?s observation that the tandem were doing the same moves, just with different staging. Comedian Julia Scott didn?t make the cut, as well as jugglers Jon and Owen.

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