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America’s Got Talent 2016 Finals: Predictions On Top Three Finalists

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The top 10 final acts for America?s Got Talent Season 11 are here. As they move closer to the final round, predictions on who are going to make it through the top three acts keep on coming.

This season?s cluster of talents is composed of five singers. This leads many to believe that the next America?s Got Talent winner belong to this category.

According to predictions, Grace VanderWaal has the biggest chance to win the $1 million prize. VanderWaal is a 12-year-old folk singer and songwriter who has captured the hearts of several American audiences.

Even statistics show that VanderWaal has 10/11 odds to be hailed as the AGT grand winner. The young talent is on top of the winner?s chart. It means a lot to be No.1 on this list because it mainly tells who among the finalists obtained the highest votes, and love, from the viewers.

VanderWaal was said to be the next Taylor Swift. Many fans predict she will be the winner, or at least be included in the top three finalists.

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Brian Justin Crum and Jon Dorenbos Predicted to be on Top Three

Singer Brian Justin Crum could also be included in the final three acts. In a recent analysis, Brian Justin Crum seemed to be ahead of the race before VanderWaal beat him. Crum is also a fan-favourite, and he happens to be a singer too.

While singing talents undoubtedly rule the show, football magician Jon Dorenbos could secure the third place. Winner?s chart suggests that viewers want to see Dorenbos included in the final three acts.

Aside from these three finalists, other talents that will compete to win the title as the next America?s Got Talent winner are Claivoyants (mentalists), Linkin? Bridge (singers), Sofie Dossi (contortionist), Sal Valentinetti (singer), Laura Bretan (singer), Tape Face (mime) and Viktor Kee (juggler). The fate of all these contestants will be known in the finals night at the Dolby Theatre Hollywood.

Catch the America?s Got Talent Season 11 final round on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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