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American Ninja Warrior Winner: ?Bus Boy? Completes Most Grueling Physical Challenge On National TV

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At long last, someone had enough muscles and stamina to pull off one of the most exciting obstacles in America. It?s taken a whopping seven seasons, but Isaac Caldiero stunned the crowd when he finally won ?American Ninja Warrior,? crowning himself as America?s very first champion of the course and winner of a hard-earned $1 million, according to A.V. Club.

Simple bus boy

If you?ve never heard of ?American Ninja Warrior,? you might think of it as a simple game show with prize money, but the amazing thing is: nobody has ever made it to the end of the course since its premier in December of 2009. Surprising as it may seem, a simple bus boy completed the third stage of the obstacle and was able to finish the final challenge by climbing the excruciatingly long 75-foot rope climb, making him the first ?American Ninja Warrior? millionaire, shared by A.V. Club.

The task

For those who might be thinking that they could easily win the obstacles, you thought wrong. ‘American Ninja Warrior’ winner Isaac Caldiero may be a simple bus boy, but he had rigorous training from his instructors, plus he claimed that he was the best climber in America, so there?s that. Contestants must then have an excellent core and upper-body strength, agility, and endurance, if they really want to finish the course which gets harder and harder every time you advance.

Second place

Geoff Britten, another competitor of ?American Ninja Warrior,? was technically the first winner of the course. He was able to finish the challenges on the show?s finale but somewhat came short in the last challenge when Caldiero did the intense rope challenge 3.6 seconds faster. Sad to say, Britten will always be known by ?American Ninja Warrior? fans as the ?second-place finisher? or ?he-who-almost-one? in history, posted by A.V. Club.

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