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American Ninja Warrior Philadelphia: 5 Ninjas To Watch In Latest Episode 5

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American Ninja Warrior Season 8 is going to take the competition to Philadelphia in Episode 5. But, before the installment hits our television screens, here are the five ninja warriors to watch out for in the Philly qualifier.

The Dreamer

Timothy Bream is going to participate in the qualifying round in his hometown to follow his dream of being on the show, as well as to fulfill what he had told his father before the latter died of lung cancer.

?I can do that,? Bream told his father back in 2012. Since then, he has worked out regularly to become a ninja warrior. He even learned Muay Thai, a combat sport of Thailand, to further enhance his strength.

The Teacher

Next warrior we have is Greg Smith. He is a cancer survivor who decided to train for the show after he has recovered from his illness. He graduated from the Rider University and is currently a math teacher at the Phillipsburg High School.

He considered his experience on the show ?amazing? and ?one of the best experiences? of his life, said a report from MCall.

The Sixers Mascot

It can be recalled that Philadelphia 76ers center Nerlens Noel had participated in the show where he dominated one event. Now, American Ninja Warrior Season 8 Episode 5 is going to bring us Franklin, the Sixers mascot.

According to CSN Philly, although he is not bad, he is also not exactly good. But what might lead him to further progress in the show is his solid arm strength.

The Wanna-Be Rabbi

Probably the most unique contestant in the upcoming episode of the competition is 25-year-old Akiva Neuman. Aside from pushing himself to his limits, he is also an Orthodox Jew and a rabbinical student at the Yeshiva University.

He even prepared before running through the obstacles by saying the Shema, a mystical chant of the Hebrews. He also wore a tzitzit and a kippah all throughout the competition, said JTA, which will make it easier for you to identify him during the show.

The Cancer Survivor Athlete

Lastly, we have Arianne Missimer, a basketball player back in high school. Back in 2015, she was diagnosed to have liposacroma, a form of cancer and after being cured of the disease, she decided to train for the competition.

Now, just for the record, she has never met an exercise she could not conquer, which will prove how determined she is in facing every challenges along her way. With that alone, fans can expect Missimer to be doing her best to finish the obstacles.

?It?s not about being big and strong. It?s about determination,? said John Shuma, husband of Missimer, as posted by Delaware Online.

With these kind of competitors, for sure, American Ninja Warrior Season 8 Episode 5 is going to be interesting. Watch all of them and the other contestants in the Philadelphia qualifier Monday, June 27, on NBC, at 9 p.m. Eastern Time.

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