American Idol Double Elimination Spoilers: These Contestants Will Be Out Of The Competition?

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The American Idol Top 14 contestants list got unveiled just a few days ago but unfortunately that particular mystical moment for the singers is not enduring for long. All the fourteen singers were present on stage for the episode of Wednesday Idol show evacuating as an opportunity for spoilers.

All the Top 14 were all ready to perform on stage. According to American Idol Net, the twist came when four of these contestants were straight away given a direct entry on to the Top 10 this season leaving the other ten artists behind to sing for audiences votes after the show was telecast on Wednesday night. This actually indicates that unlike the other spoilers that were reported initially, judges and production will only select these four singers while the other six will have to compete with each other for votes by the viewers.

The shooting took place in Hollywood earlier today and tickets already reached the wait list. There was enough time for American Idol spoilers to leak and The Idol Pad supplied us leading that charge with shooting being held before it aired on Wednesday. The American Idol 2016 Top 10 Judges? Picks were Dalton Rapattoni, La?Porsha Renae, Olivia Rox,Trent Harmon.

Apparently none of these names that the judges selected came as a surprise. It was very much clear that these were the leading favorites of the Judges. These singers are all highly talented and in anyway they would have received a huge number of votes by viewers. But if there was another place then we would have loved to see some names that would have surely surprised us.

As we got to know that Olivia was in the hospital today recovering from the flu we wonder if the judges would have selected her. But if she had to perform but she could not would that make her pay some penalty? Well we do not know if Olivia escaped or was she really suffering from flu.

So who’s our pick to be eliminated? Sonia Vaid and Lee Jean are two contestants we can’t really picture as the bookend to Kelly Clarkson’s epic reign.

American Idol airs Thursdays at 8pm on FOX.

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