American Horror Story Season 6 Updates: Shoot Location at Hospital in LA?

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And the much awaited American Horror Story Season 6 is starting to roll.

After all the speculations and the continuous circulating rumors, the hit thriller TV series has started filming its sixth installment, according to reports. And where do you think the scene are being shot?

Well, rumor has it that the production team of the show are now in Los Angeles, California to shoot scenes for the upcoming season. Based on reports, the scenes were taken in a hospital or sort of a nursing home in LA.

However, despite the speculations, nothing has been spilled about the said shooting. It is interesting to know what kind of scenes were being shot there and who are the characters involved already. We have previously reported that none of the cast members are knowledgeable about what season 6 has in store for everyone.

It should also be remembered that recent reports bared that American Horror Story Season 6 will be delving into a two-themed concept and will revolve presumably around children. Compared to the past seasons, it appears that Ryan Murphy, the showrunner, has been very secretive with this new season. He has yet to drop bombs about the series continuation.

Before, the actors that are part of the cast have already spilled some information about their roles and some expected scenes from the show. However, this season is a different story. Everyone is clueless as to what will season 6 will be like.

No one has explained yet why the social media accounts of the thriller series changed into plain black. Does it suggest something about the forthcoming show? We do not know yet.

By this time, the only confirmed thing we know so far are the actors and actresses returning to the show. It is expected the Murphy is cooking the biggest surprise ever in the history of the series. What is this nerve-wracking and heart-pounding surprise? We will know once the show starts airing.

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The series is expected to air later this year.

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