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American Horror Story Season 6 Updates, Cast, Release Date

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The American Horror Story is going to premiere some time in October for its sixth season and actor Matt Bomer is confirmed to be coming back for the upcoming installment. Aside from that, in a recent interview with executive producer Ryan Murphy, it seems like the show is going to feature stories revolving around children.

In an interview with Magic Radio, Bomer personally confirmed that he is indeed coming back to the TV series. Although he may not appear in every episode, it is still a good news for his followers, who first saw him in the show back in Season 3 as Andy.

?I don?t know anything [about season 6], electively so. It?s coming back, and I know I will be a part of it at some point, which is great and I?m incredibly excited about [it], but sort of electively and also non-electively, I don?t really know what the concept is,? said the actor.

It is pretty clear that the actor did not want to reveal any detail about the upcoming season, but he did mention that it will be ?something substantially different.? Speaking of ?different,? executive producer Murphy, through a post by Movie News Guide, stated that he is considering a theme of using children as the focal point of American Horror Story Season 6. That idea received a lot of suggestions from the fans including posters of orphanage and abduction. Also, Murphy added that the Thatcher School from American Horror Story: Hotel may also return as a part of the plot.

Now, another theory the fans have come up with is the possible American Horror Story: Apocalypse. It started when all the social media pages of the FOX series went black, which led the fans to think that maybe it is a preparation for the Season 6 of the series which can possibly have a theme of an apocalypse. However, up until now, there is still no confirmation from the management as to what concept the upcoming season is going to have.

Meanwhile, there are rumors stating that Evan Peters of the movie X-Men: Apocalypse has reportedly signed a contract with the show creators, and it seems to be true because in an interview with People, the actor confirmed that the shooting for Season 6 will start on July 7.

Aside from Bomer and Peters, other artists who are going to appear in the upcoming installment are Angela Bassett, Denis O? Hare, Lady Gaga, Leslie Jordan, Wes Bentley and Kathy Bates.

How about you? What other things do you expect to happen in American Horror Story Season 6? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. The sixth installment of the show is scheduled to premiere in October 2016.

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