American Horror Story Season 6 Spoilers: Antichrist Michael Langdon of Season 1 To Be Show?s Focal Point?

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While everyone still waits for the much anticipated release of horror anthology American Horror Story Season 6, more and more revelations and rumors are coming into the picture of what the show will be all about.

Despite all the speculations about the forthcoming show, the production team have kept their mouths mum about everything that should be expected in American Horror Story Season 6. ?This leave the fans to make do with circulation spoilers and rumors.

But with all the news talking about the possibilities in the show, the only thing that seems to be clear and evident for the series is that antichrist theme and storyline will be employed. The theory suggests that antichrist theme looms long before when American Horror Story first aired on television.

It should be noted that during the pilot season, Vivian was raped by Tate Langdon. That tragic incident to Vivian?s life cost her to become pregnant. Although she did not kill off the baby, she raised the child as someone who is evil and menacing. An antichrist theory is not impossible, given that Tate happened to be a ghost while Vivian is a human being. So should there be similar cases, antichrist children might be born in the world as if they are the same with ordinary children.

It should also be remembered that the fruit of Tate raping Vivian, Michael Langdon, has already shown his antichrist characteristics. Young at 3, Michael has already killed someone, his babysitter. This might be capitalized in American Horror Story Season 6.

These scenes may have happened a long time ago but it should be noted that we have previously reported that Ryan Murphy, show?s executive producer, will be incorporating children as the primary focus of the sixth installment.

Most importantly, loyalists of the show have sewn together details of the recent updates about the series. The official logo of American Horror Story Season 6 was revealed and it looks like a number 6. This was unveiled in June, the sixth month of the year for the sixth installment of the series. So, it appeared that it symbolizes 666, an evil combination of numbers.

American Horror Story Season 6 Logo | Photo from www.condone.net

The horror TV series will be premiering on September 14 this year on FX. Keep yourselves updated with the latest news about the show only here at The Bitbag.

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