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American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 1 Recap, Cast, and Theme Revealed

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American Horror Story Season 6?s new theme and cast have finally been revealed! After several weeks of misleading teasers for fans, the first episode debut has finally unveiled the real theme and main cast of the horror show?s newest season.

The premiere was introduced by the show?s co-creator Ryan Murphy. “Tonight we answer the question that’s been haunting everybody; think you’ve figured it out? Let’s wait and see,” he quipped.

The Premiere

The episode starts with a crime theme which revolves around the interracial couple Shelby, played by Lily Rabe, and her husband Matt, played by Andre Holland. The first episode is titled ?My Roanoke Nightmare.” The special gave viewers a warning saying that the story was based on real life events. Season regular Sarah Paulson, along with newcomer Cuba Gooding Jr., played the couple in the flashback.

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The premiere episode has present and past timelines, as hinted by Murphy before. Murphy also promised that the season will follow a narrative format that will be unique to the show.


In the premiere, Matt recalls a near-death experience and Shelby?s miscarriage. The incident pushes the couple to leave Los Angeles, and they wind up in the soon-to-be haunted mansion at Roanoke N.C. Some fans may know that this was the site of the Lost Colony, where 117 people just vanished back in 1590.

Quickly, the haunting starts. Shelby and Matt are skeptical with the ghostly encounters. Matt rationalizes the eerie events and even blames his neighbors. But before he sets off for his travels, he calls his sister Lee, played by Adina Porter, to stay with his wife.

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Lee was a detective but was discharged from the force since she has a pill problem. Matt is soon called back home after a break-in occurs. Things escalate when Shelby leaves the house and runs over a woman. The woman looks like a colony ghost, based on her garb.

Shelby gets lost in the woods and gets haunted by childish figures. A pig-headed man appears as well. Suddenly surrounded by silhouettes with torches, Wes Bentley then reveals himself from the dark.

The episode ends with that scene, and the credits roll. From the credits, we get to see the other cast members for the season. They include Cheyenne Jackson, Denis O’Hare and Evan Peters.

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Strangely enough, Lady Gaga?s name was not in the credits even though she had confirmed that she will be returning to American Horror Story Season 6. Odds are she probably only has a minor role or cameo this season.


Season 6 The Mythology Comes Together

American Horror Story Season 6 is shaping up to be a great one. Co-creator Murphy has been raising the hype for this season as he promised that it will be great.

Many fans have theorized that the series are all interconnected. Murphy has finally confirmed that American Horror Story Season 6 is set to tie the whole mythology together.

Murphy has also opted to keep many details about the season a secret. To maximize the show?s secrecy, the cast for the season are prohibited from doing any interviews until the season ends.

The show?s head of marketing, Stephanie Gibbons, has also raised the bar for Season 6. “This season is very different ? and I mean that in the most thrilling and awesome way ? than anything that?s come before it,” she said.

American Horror Story Season 6 is set to air every Wednesday at 10 pm on FX. Stay tuned with us for breaking news on the show!

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