American Horror Story Season 5 Episode 1 Recap: Series Not What Fans Expected!

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The first episode of ?American Horror Story: Hotel? just aired and it wasn?t the premiere introduction that fans were looking for. Although Lady Gaga lead the TV series debut, along with Matt Bomer, of the fifth American Horror Story franchise, it?s still a long way to go before the show makes a good impression for some fans.

Co-creator Ryan Murphy was able to talk about the contrasting tone of the new series between the previous installments in an interview with Entertainment Weekly and how the next episode will surely get you hooked until the end of the season. ?Every season has a different tone. I think last season was literally about being out in the open and being exposed and naked and nowhere to?hide with your differences,? Murphy added. ?This season is more paranoid. It?s more claustrophobic. It?s more about hiding things. Hotels by nature are a good place to store secrets.?

As for the next episode of ?American Horror Story: Hotel,? we take a longer look at the characters surrounding the Hotel Cortez. ?Episode two takes you deeper into the mythology of the characters and you get to meet some more people. You get to meet Mr. March who is Evan Peters. I think this is Evan?s best role we?ve ever done,? Murphy explained. ?Usually Evan is the tortured good guy or the tortured ing?nue. But this year we decided to go a very different route and just make him perhaps the worst human being to have ever lived. So he?s the bad guy and you get to really meet him and how he built the hotel. It?s loosely inspired by HH Holmes and that hotel of horrors he made.

?It gets into the romantic exploits of Gaga and Matt Bomer. You also get to meet Finn Wittrock?s character who is a tortured crystal meth-using male model, so that?s always fun. You meet Naomi Campbell who?s brilliant and hilarious. She plays a bored?Vogue?magazine editor.?

Catch ?American Horror Story: Hotel? Wednesday nights at 10 PM on FX.

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