American Horror Story Nurses Are Real: What Happened To Them?

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American Horror Story (AHS) is finally back for its sixth season. The show recently aired its second episode where two nurses killed an old woman. It was a horrifying scene, and a recent report revealed that the incident actually happened in real life.

In the episode of AHS: Roanoke, viewers witnessed two nurses standing over an old patient. Instead of helping her, one of them killed the old woman by shooting her in the head. At the end of the installment, the two were never caught. But in real life, it was the other way around.

The New York Times published a brief story about the two back in 1989. They revealed that a certain 26-year-old nursing-home aide named Gwendolyn Graham was actually convicted of five counts of murder. Aside from these cases, there was also one of conspiracy of killing severely incapacitated victims.

On the other hand, her lover, Catherine Wood, served as a lookout and later testified against Graham. She was sentenced to 20 to 40 years behind bars. Also, it was written that the two were responsible for the deaths of eight patients of the Alpine Manor nursing home.

Now, the question is, why did they do that? According to Wood, they killed people to ?bind their love.? But for Graham, it was her way of relieving her tension. What is more creepy, though, is they chose their victims based on their initials. They used it to spell out the word ?murder?.

In American Horror Story, the duo was successful in carrying out that plan. But in real life, it did not work out as their victims put up more of a fight than they expected.

Clearly, FX?s TV series is great in bringing terrors to our homes. This particular story did not just scare the viewers as such, because it is more horrifying to know that it actually happened in real life.

Meanwhile, there are speculations that the sixth season of the show is going to focus on entities outside the Earth. Rumor has it that the characters in the show is going to deal with aliens, which will involve different attacks from the outer space. As of now, these speculations have yet to be confirmed. But for sure, seeing aliens in the series is going to be interesting.

How about you? What other stories do you expect in the American Horror Story? Do you think aliens will really take over the show? Or, will the stories be more like of the Graham-Wood crime? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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