American Horror Story: Lady Gaga To Be A Part Of The Show

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In the past four seasons of FX?s American Horror Story franchise, Emmy nominee Sarah Paulson has played a psychic, a journalist, a witch, and conjoined twins. This season on American Horror Story: Hotel, she stars as Hypodermic Sally ? a drug addict who was pushed from a window at the end of the season premiere. Also, Lady Gaga will be seen making an entry on the show.

As she joins the cast of FX?s American Horror Story: Hotel, all eyes are on the clothes being worn by Lady Gaga?s character, the Countess. Her character was described ?as ?a glamorous socialite who attends art openings and fashion shows and maintains her looks not from a steady diet of kale but from imbibing human blood.?

Although AHS creator Ryan Murphy likes to describe the Countesses affliction as an ancient blood virus, ?It?s really a form of hemophilia, in a way.? Although her thirst for blood seems to work as the Countess is now around 100 years old. As well as the Countesses? blood fetish, she also has an insatiable appetite for sex. And that is what fans got in the premiere episode of American Horror Story: Hotel, a foursome that involved plenty of sex and blood, reports Inquisitr.

While episode one hit us over the head with some pretty horrifying images early, episode two settles into more of a narrative groove. We only get a brief glimpse of Faceless Screw Man in the early going, for instance. Still, this episode had its share of spooky developments. It?s just that they took a backseat to character development and more robust plotting reports Wall Street Journal.

Chron?states that, to prepare us for the next episode, it?s worth noting that the protagonists in Little Women, the novel Detective Lowe reads to his daughter, is the March family, a name that will prove to be important on this show. How the the novel and the show relate to each other, however, is as of now a mystery. I also don?t know what to make of the fact that Lowe?s children are named after two great American literary characters: Holden ? as in Caulfield, and Scarlett ? as in O?Hara.

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