American Crime Spoilers: What John Ridley Wants to Convey in the Episode Finale?

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American Crime Spoilers

As part of the American Crime spoilers, fans are left astounded as the finale of ?American Crime? left more confusion rather than closure. According to Variety, some questions were left unanswered – an important factor if you want to be able to please the fans who have religiously watched the show. But that was not the case, the ?American Crime? finale did not conclude on whether Taylor (Connor Jessup) did in fact accept the plea and Eric (Joey Pollari) on whether he eventually got into the car.

In his interview with Variety, executive producer, John Ridley was asked with questions about the finale, wherein he answered ?I would like people to read as much into it as they possibly can.? Not that ?American Crime? is not mysterious enough to leave several fans wondering, but the finale struck a chord as the last scenes greatly affect most of the characters of the show.

American Crime spoilers also leaves the question on what is going to happen to the Sullivan family after they witness the fallout of their daughter was left unanswered. The most notable thing to do now is for viewers to analyze the final episode very carefully. Like what Ridley said, reading the situation will likely give them a subtle idea of a conclusion.

As for a potential third season of the show, Ridley could not fathom the real value of the show, saying, ?I had no expectations that this show would get on the air, let alone go two seasons. I don?t know the numbers, I try to avoid them, but I know they?re obviously in a place where they?re not good enough to merit an early pickup. Nor bad enough where it merits early termination.?

When asked about ideas for a third season, Ridley simply implied that he is working on some projects, there are no current ideas for the show, but he also said that coming up with something will not be difficult.

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