American Crime Season 2 Finale: Will We Know The Truth About The Party Event?

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American Crime Season 2

American Crime Season 2 will be wrapping up Wednesday, March 9, but there are still a lot of issues to be resolved and we?re not sure if the last episode could get through every bit of detail.

A.V. Club writes that in Episode 9, there?s just a lot happening, from Chris? confession of his racial bias to Kevin, to admitting about his teammates? assault on Taylor. The recap states, heading into tomorrow?s finale, everything is still up in the air ? Taylor?s jail sentence, the involvement of Kevin and Becca, Sebastian?s hacking, and the truth about what transpired in the party is still unknown.

Observer makes an interesting observation of the episode before the finale, saying that it focused on something that the season hasn?t explored before, which is redemption. Season 2 has seen so much regret, denial and hasty decisions which ultimately led to much ruin to our characters. But this time, they had an opportunity to redeem themselves and attempt at becoming better. Although, no one really succeeded in this quest for redemption, but at least the show made the episode preceding the finale more character-centric, where we saw each of the character arcs as they made their journey through the season.

The crime drama is known to be a slow-paced show with AV Club also emphasizing patience in watching the series. Slow-paced because it?s sometimes difficult to see where the show is heading, and when it finally gets there, it draws out a congenial nod rather than something which draws out fulfilment.

But, it?s still an excellent show. Community Voices writes that the acting is top-notch, most notably veteran actress, Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives), who plays the school principal of the exclusive boys? school in Indiana.

American Crime Season 2 is an all-new story separate from its first season. It follows a new case concerning a boy who accuses members of a boys? basketball team of sexually assaulting him at a party. It tackles a lot of issues including racial relations, sexual abuse, sexual identity, school administration biases, class privilege (or lack thereof), bullying and, most especially, school violence.

Community Voices continues to praise American Crime as it is easily the best and smartest drama on TV, especially this current season because it voices out significant issues with high-calibre execution that?s very rare in current dramas. It?s also a highly-recommended series for fans of smart, challenging TV.

Catch the American Crime Season 2 finale, Wednesday, March 9 at 10 p.m. on ABC. You can also live stream the episode on ABC Go. Check out the site too for possible reruns if you haven?t caught up with the show.

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