AMD Zen Summit Ridge to Compete Directly with Intel i7

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AMD Zen Summit Ridge

AMD and Intel have been competing with each other since anyone can actually remember. Even from the days of the early 8-bit processors, these two have been outstripping each other. For some time, Intel has been taking the lead on consumer processors with its i-series products. However, that is about to change with the introduction of the AMD Zen Summit Ridge processors; due for release early next year.

According to rumors, the chip maker is set to unveil the new AMD Zen Summit Ridge line of processors around January 2017.

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So far, a handful of engineering sample test benches have made their way on the internet and they are looking really promising. In comparison to its predecessor, the new AMD Zen Summit Ridge processor is 40 percent more efficient. Some of the tests, however, involved down-clocking competitor processors to match the AMD Zen Summit Ridge?s speed. Nonetheless, the clock-for-clock comparison appears to be quite assuring.

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AMD Zen Summit Ridge

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Furthermore, recent reports revealed that AMD has successfully managed to update the speed grade of the Summit Ridge processors. From the initial 2.8GHz base frequency, the first generation Zen processors will now have a base clock of 3.3GHz. This puts the Zen even closer to Intel?s Haswell-E 8-core, 16-thread i7 processors.

In addition to increased clock rate, the other impressive thing about the AMD Zen Summit Ridge is its price.

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According to AMD, the new line of processors will be positioned at the sub-$300 bracket for the base models. Meanwhile, the overclocked versions will be marketed at the $500 range. This puts AMD ahead of Intel when it comes to pricing. An Intel i7 processor with the same number of cores and threads will normally set consumers back by about $1,000. AMD can use this price disparity to gain market leverage against Intel.

For AMD fans, the wait will not be that long now. In the next couple of months, if rumors are correct, consumers will have an option other than an Intel-made processor. If AMD really delivers with the Zen, Intel could be facing a tough year ahead of it.

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