AMD Zen Summit Ridge Release at CES 2017

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AMD Zen Summit Ridge

Every PC enthusiasts are probably anticipating the release of the much hyped new processor from AMD, the AMD Zen Summit Ridge. Targeting the gaming community with its 8-core, 16-thread architecture, this new chip is one thing to beat. It also features reduced TDP and of course lower price than customary chip from the competition.

New reports suggest that AMD is planning on releasing the AMD Zen Summit Ridge early next year during CES 2017.

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According to a source close to AMD, the chip maker plans on releasing the new processor at next year?s CES. The source also said that the new standard CPUs will be priced between $200 and $300. Meanwhile, the overclocked version will be positioned in the $500 range.

AMD Zen Performance Chart (via

AMD Zen Performance Chart (via

During AMD?s previous Zen presentation, the chip maker highlighted the benchmarks done on an engineering sample of the processor. From there, it is quite clear that its new product does show a lot of potentials.

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The engineering sample was run clock-for-clock against an Intel i5-4670K and the AMD FX-8350. The tests show that the new processor can run 10 percent faster than the Intel chip. Meanwhile, the test registered a 40 percent increase in efficiency against its predecessor, the AMD FX-8350. The sample used during the tests has a base frequency of 2.8GHz and boost of 3GHz.

This maybe sub par to some but recent developments suggest that AMD has successfully increased the clock rate to 3.3GHz base. The boosted clock now runs at around 3.5GHz. For overclocking enthusiasts, the AMD Zen Summit Ridge also offer an unlocked version that can be pushed to 4GHz.

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Perhaps the most exciting news about the AMD Zen Summit Ridge is its price. In comparison to Intel?s chips, the Zen?s pricing is something to beat. As mentioned earlier, the entry-level to mi-range versions will be priced below the $300 mark. Even the unlocked version is cheaper than Intel?s i7-6850K, which sells for $600.

AMD fans are probably gearing up for next year?s AMD Zen Summit Ridge release. Perhaps, they are curious if AMD will be able to finally deliver a performing chip with a competitive price.

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