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AMD Zen Rumors: What We Know So Far

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When you talk about processors what comes to mind for most people is the company Intel. Intel has certainly dominated the processor wars over the past years which is why they have become a huge name in the tech world. Well, it appears that AMD is not about to just lay down as its upcoming AMD Zen processors have taken the tech world by storm recently.

AMD has not been falling behind Intel when it comes to producing high-end CPU?s over the past several years. Thankfully, the AMD Zen CPU?s are expected to put AMD back on the map when it comes to high-performance processors.

While the AMD Zen CPU?s have not yet been released, there have been several leaks recently which have given fans a better idea at what to expect in the upcoming high-end CPU. Here?s everything we know so far about the AMD Zen.

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  • It is a Huge Improvement from AMD?s last CPU Architecture ? WCCFTech reports that the AMD Zen go well beyond the 40% IPC improvement over last year?s AMD CPU architecture which was codenamed Excavator. This is certainly a step in the right direction for the AMD Zen.

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  • It Outperforms AMD?s FX 8350 Processor ? The benchmark results for the AMD Zen for the game Ashes of The Singularity was recently leaked and it certainly impressed gamers and tech lovers alike. The same WCCFTech report mentions that it vastly outperformed the AMD FX 8350 processor which is the company?s current eight core processor offering.

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  • It Will Be Priced Competitively ? In a previous WCCFTech report, John Taylor,the head of Worldwide Marketing at AMD, has mentioned that ?Zen will compete with Intel on performance, power and specifications ? not just price.? This means that the gamers could see the AMD Zen CPU?s priced a lot cheaper than the high-end CPU?s which are being made by Intel. The AMD Zen could be the processor that gives users the best bang for the buck which should certainly bode well for its sales outlook once it releases.

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So, are you excited about the AMD Zen just yet? Be sure to check back here soon to find out more news and updates on the AMD Zen CPU?s as well as on the other trending topics in the world of tech.

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