AMD Zen Processor Threatens Intel’s Kaby Lake Processors

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For as long as anyone could remember, AMD and Intel have been rivaling each other in terms of providing the best processor. For years, AMD has stayed behind the shadow of Intel as it tried its best to outdo the latter. Intel, nevertheless, has enjoyed countless years if being on top when it comes to processor performance. However, this is about to change soon as AMD unveils its newest AMD Zen processor to the market.

According to sources, AMD is gearing up with a massive unveiling of its newest line of processors to rival Intel.

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Reports suggest that AMD will release two new processors in the early months of 2017. These two new processors will come in two flavors; a four-core and an eight-core version will be available. Both are manufactured in a similar, but not identical, process as Intel?s 14nm Broadwell line of processors.

However, the interesting part is, while both lines of processors share similar technologies, AMD Zen processors show more efficient energy use. The 4-core variant will run with a 65W TDP while the 8-core is at 95W TDP. On the other hand, Intel?s 8-core Broadwell-E processor runs at 135W TDP. TDP or thermal design power is the measure of the maximum amount of heat generated by the processor.

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In comparison to AMD?s existing line of processors, the new 8-core Zen processor outstrips the current FX-8350 by a mile. According to recent leaks, gaming benchmarks done on the new processor revealed that it performs 27.5 percent faster. Even though there is a huge clock disparity between the two. The older FX-8350 runs at 4GHz while the new ZMD Zen processor runs at 2.7GHz only.

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Along with the improved performance and power efficiency, the new AMD Zen processors are said to be cheaper than the competition. If this rumor is true, it would seem that AMD is literally giving Intel a run for its money. The current 8-core offering from Intel starts at around $1000. Meanwhile, the AMD Zen processor will likely be priced below $500, even for the 8-core variant. Consumers may see a slight movement in Intel?s pricing by 2017 when AMD released its new processor. Because of this, computer enthusiasts are actually urged to wait for the said processor to be released before building a new computer.

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