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AMD Zen to Launch at CES 2017, Is It Worth the Wait?

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The battle between AMD and Intel has always been a great one to watch for tech enthusiasts. While Intel has gotten the upper hand in recent years, AMD has made a huge move to be competitive in terms of releasing powerful processors. Now, fans who have been waiting for the high-end processors from AMD are in for a treat as the AMD Zen chipsets are rumored to be launching early next year during CES 2017.

The AMD Zen has been the subject of many rumors over the past several months. The upcoming processors from AMD are poised to be one of the most powerful processors in the market which will put the company on the map once more.

While the release date for the AMD Zen has been uncertain, a recent report from WCCFTech mentions that it could finally be unveiled during the Consumer Electronics Show or CES next year. The event is one of the premier expo?s for tech and gadgets and it is certainly a great event to launch the AMD Zen.

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CES 2017 is scheduled to happen sometime in January of next year. It means that fans could finally get their hands on the AMD Zen in only a couple of months. The bigger question though is if the AMD Zen is going to be worth the wait.

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Based on early feedback on the AMD Zen, it is certainly one processor that could set the bar for performance once it releases. Another report from WCCFTech has mentioned that the AMD Zen greatly outperformed the FX 8350 processor, AMD?s latest eight core processor.

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If that is any indication as to the performance of the AMD Zen, tech enthusiasts are surely better off waiting for the upcoming processor as compared to buying the best options right now.

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Be sure to check back here soon to find out more news and updates about the AMD Zen as well as on the other great gadgets which are releasing very soon.

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