AMD Zen Benchmark, Price & Release: Early 2017 Eyed?

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AMD Zen is one of the most anticipated CPUs next year. Based on the rumored features of the Zen flagship, it is certainly powerful than the other processors but will come in a much cheaper price. Here are some key details you need to know about the CPU.

With regards to its release, several false news have surfaced online already. Some claims stated that the CPU should have arrived in October, but obviously it did not. After the ?October? launch, consumers heard another news that it will come before 2016 ends. However, it was recently confirmed by AMD that its new flagship CPU will arrive ?early in 2017.?

This statement from the company will debunk all previous reports. Also, it will give time for consumers to prepare themselves for the upcoming powerful processor. With regards to its price, there are speculations that it will cost $300. But take that information with a grain of salt as that did not come from AMD.

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Meanwhile, let us discuss the features of the AMD Zen. According to reports, the CPU will boast eight physical cores with 16 CPU threads. It will also have its own version of Intel?s HyperThreading, which will make it a tough competitor.

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Furthermore, the upcoming CPU is an AMD 6850K that is capable of reaching 4.2GHz boost clock and speeds of more than 5.0GHz with liquid nitrogen. Also, a single-thread performance of the CPU is similar to Haswell-E, and with multithreading performance, it is now considered equal to Intel Core i7-5960X in terms of performance.

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Obviously, these are the reasons why consumers are really looking forward to the release of this CPU. If things would go as predicted, customers will have their hands on it early in 2017, which is probably the first or second week of January. But if not, still, it is expected to hit the market within next year.

How about you? What do you think of these specs of the AMD Zen? Do you think it will edge Intel?s high-performing CPUs? Or, will it be just an average one? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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