AMD Working On Next Generation Consoles For 2018? Rumored Details Here!

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Rumors are spreading that the processor giant might be involved once again with the gaming console giants.

It seems that AMD is preparing something for Microsoft and Sony for their gaming consoles and would be expected to see this in 2018. The said new solutions will be 5x improvement for performance-per-watt. Although Microsoft and Sony did not mention any of these plans, so there is a possibility that this a newly developed deals with AMD, or maybe just a hoax.

The rumored next generation of gaming consoles might be using AMD?s latest GCN architecture, their latest round of APUs, so this promise a 5 times better performance from the previous APUs being used by current generation of game consoles. With this, AMD plans to provide the new APU to the game console giants in 2018, though this does not mean that the next generation of consoles will arrive in 2018, as this could possibly mean that there will be some development period for Sony and Mircosoft to ultilize the new APU. So it could take them at least 1 or 2 more years for them to develop a new gaming console.


Right now, the PlayStation 4 is the most powerful game console of the current generation, using a 1152 GCN based stream processors which is the powerful processing power for the home consoles, though there is a possibility that the PS4 will get a minor upgrade to its APU, since it is using a x86 architecture, which was impossible during the PlayStation 3 years. This could also mean that we might get to see a power efficient PS4 in 2018, with a smaller design and better ventilation, so a PS4 slim might be on our way in 2018.

All of the current generation consoles are using AMD?s APU x86 architecture, even the Nintendo Wii U is using AMD, now the next question is, what will be AMD?s plan for 2018 and beyond for the console scene?

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