AMD Vega + Ryzen CPU: More Than 60 FPS At 4K On Star Wars: Battlefront Rogue One DLC [Watch]

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AMD Vega

AMD has recently revealed the gaming capability of their Zen CPUs during the New Horizon event on Tuesday. However, there are no signs of the rumored RX 490 GPU that is supposedly based on the upcoming AMD Vega architecture. However, there was a part of the show where a Vega-based GPU coupled with Ryzen-based CPU was showcased using the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront DLC.

AMD Vega GPU + Ryzen CPU

A Ryzen-themed desktop PC was showcased at the very end of the event. AMD loaded up the game Star Wars: Battlefront with the Rogue One: Scariff DLC at the very last 5-10 minutes of the event. Viewers witnessed AMD?s representative took control of a U-Wing ship and proceeded to attack a hulking Star Destroyer.

However, the demo was rather brief. AMD?s CEO Lisa Su claimed that the Ryzen-themed PC was rendering the game in 4K resolution at above 60 frames per second. It was more than the refresh rate of the 4K display that they?re using in the demo.

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The video, courtesy of Wccftech, shows the demo here. However, the feedbacks in the comment section were mostly negative. According to one user, AMD didn?t really say much about it and the showmanship of the event was horrible.

In addition, the absence of the FPS counter greatly impacted the demo. Hence, there was hardly a stellar demonstration. In other words, AMD?s demo was missing a lot of key factors that disappointed a lot of viewers.

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AMD Vega & Ryzen Release Date

AMD Vega

According to Su, Ryzen is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2017. However, she didn?t mention AMD Vega?s release window. Fortunately, rumors suggest that there will be another demo of some sort that will be held during CES 2017 in early January.

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