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AMD Vega Leaks Before CES 2017; Ryzen Reaches 5GHz Overclocking

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AMD Vega Leaks

AMD closed out 2016 with a bang by unveiling some great things it has been working on. The recently announced AMD Ryzen processor has captured the attention of tech fans as it is poised to become one of the most powerful processors of 2017. Not only that, recently there were AMD Vega leaks, which gave the world a sneak peek at the company?s yet to be unveiled graphics architecture.

With the AMD Ryzen announcement, the company has generated a ton of buzz going into the new year. Many tech fans are waiting for the launch of the AMD Ryzen processor and for good reason. It is said to be an extremely powerful processor and the recently leaked details clearly support the rumors.

AMD Ryzen 5GHz Overclocking

AMD Ryzen

According to the French Tribune, the AMD Ryzen single core processor can reach up to 5GHz overclocking, which is certainly amazing. This surely bodes well for the company as it continues to engaged in a fierce rivalry with Intel for the title of making the best processors in the market.

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Aside from reaching 5GHz when overclocking, the same report also mentions that the Ryzen offers 35% improvement in IPC gains. Add this to the great benchmark results and AMD certainly has the makings of a powerful processor in the upcoming Ryzen chipset.

AMD Vega Leaks

However, the Ryzen processor is not the only thing generating buzz for AMD. The company is planning to unveil its Radeon Vega graphics architecture at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 later this year. The company accidentally leaked some upcoming features of the AMD Vega to the delight of many tech fans.

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According to MS Power User, the Vega is four times as powerful as the AMD Radeon Polaris. It also revealed that the Vega, likewise, features a next-gen computer engine and pixel engine. Also, it is said that the Vega has twice the bandwidth per pin and two times the peak throughput per clock than the AMD Radeon Polaris.

These are just some amazing AMD Vega features that will surely get tech lovers very excited. Expect an official announcement from AMD very soon though as surely more details will be revealed by the company as the Vega launch draws closer.

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Be sure to check back here soon to find out more about the AMD Ryzen, the AMD VEGA as well as the other trending topics in the world of tech.

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