AMD Vega GPU Architecture Countdown For CES 2017 Unveiling Starts Now

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AMD Vega GPU Architecture

After posting a teaser on their official Twitter page, AMD has finally decided to announce that they will be revealing the whole AMD Vega GPU architecture. It will be previewed at CES 2017 alongside NVIDIA?s rumored GeForce GTX 1080 Ti announcement. Furthermore, the showcase indicates that the Vega GPUs are in ready state.

If this is indeed the case, people should expect AMD?s new GPUs in Q1 2017. In addition, NVIDIA will definitely be announcing their GeForce GTX 1080 Ti to counter the Vega cards before the arrival of their next-gen Volta architecture.

AMD Vega GPU Architecture Preview At CES 2017

AMD?s next-generation graphics processing units are expected to offer both performance and power efficiency. While the clip is definitely short, AMD has also cleverly launched a website named Ve.Ga. A countdown to the preview day is what can be found on the website.

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As a matter of fact, the countdown marks the specific time at which AMD will unleash the Radeon Vega GPUs. These lineup of GPUs are said to be targeting the consumer market. The countdown concludes in 2 days, hence, the event is going to take place at CES 2017.

While the outcome of the battle is currently unknown, recent leaks indicate that AMD?s Vega GPUs are still struggling to beat NVIDIA?s GeForce GTX 1080. Hence, NVIDIA will still be the best out there, given that the GTX 1080 Ti is believed to have the power of a Titan X Pascal.

AMD Vega GPU Specifications Updates

As for the specifications, AMD has already established two variants of the Vega GPU. Instinct MI25 Accelerator is the first one which is also made the highlights during AMD?s Tech Summit 2016. The AMD Vega 10 is said to have a peak compute performance of 12.5 TFLOPs when it comes to single precision mode.

AMD Vega GPU Architecture

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Furthermore, people will have to wait for AMD?s official unveiling to see the true power of the Vega architecture. Meanwhile, NVIDIA is also planning to release their Volta architecture this year. Hence, waiting for NVIDIA?s Volta architecture would be a logical choice given that it?s just a few months away.

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