AMD Vega 10 vs NVIDIA Volta: The Technological Advancement War

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AMD Vega 10 vs NVIDIA Volta

While 2016 has been undoubtedly in favor of NVIDIA, 2017 may be the year where AMD is stepping up again to change the tides in front of our very eyes. At the present time, NVIDIA showed everyone the power of their Pascal GPU architecture and will soon unveil their Volta architecture in a few months. Apparently, AMD?s next-gen GPU architecture is also scheduled to be unveiled next year which leads to 2017?s greatest war, the AMD Vega 10 vs NVIDIA Volta.

AMD Vega 10 vs NVIDIA Volta: GTC 2017

Apparently, NVIDIA is supposed to take a backseat during the early part of 2017 once their arch rival company AMD releases their Vega 10 architecture. However, it appears like that outcome is unlikely due to the fact that NVIDIA is also announcing their Volta architecture at GTC 2017 sometime in May.

As a matter of fact, Jen-Hsun Huang, a Taiwan-born American entrepreneur, as well as NVIDIA?s CEO will once again enter the GTC 2017?s stage to introduce their upcoming Volta architecture. In addition, Jen-Hsun is also expected to unveil their latest NVIDIA roadmap and some further details for NVIDIA?s future products.

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AMD Vega 10 vs NVIDIA Volta: What?s Makes Them Special?

As expected, both GPU architectures are going to sport never before seen technologies, capabilities, and features. While it?s confirmed that AMD Vega is embracing HBM2, rumors suggest that NVIDIA is also taking the same path. However, there are contradicting reports saying that NVIDIA is now embracing the GDDR6. For those who are unaware, GDDR6 is ?GDDR5X’s successor that can already be found in a specific Pascal graphics card.

Furthermore, there are numerous leaks that are already on the internet. In the image below, it shows the Volta architecture?s leaked basic specifications, as well as pricing. In addition, the image also shows Volta?s improvement compared to NVIDIA?s present Pascal architecture.

AMD Vega 10 vs NVIDIA Volta

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In the past few days, there have numerous leaks regarding the first graphics card from Vega architecture. In the image below, it shows that the rumored dual-chipped RX 490 is able to beat NVIDIA?s GTX 1070. As a matter of fact, the RX 490 at some point almost reached GTX 1080?s performance.

AMD Vega 10 vs NVIDIA Volta

Furthermore, NVIDIA is at disadvantage to the upcoming AMD Vega 10 vs NVIDIA Volta battle. Apparently, AMD managed to pressure NVIDIA?s supposedly 10nm FinFET architecture. As a result, ?NVIDIA abandoned it and reverted to 16nm FinFET instead. Nevertheless, 2017 is the year where the one-sided technological battle ends.

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