AMD Vega 10 GPU Vs GeForce GTX 1080: Find Out Why Vega 10 Beats GTX 1080

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AMD Vega 10 GPU

The recent interview with Raja Koduri, who is AMD’s head of Radeon Technologies, revealed some interesting stuff. According to the interview, the impressive Doom demo running at 60FPS+ at 4K is made possible thanks to an AMD Vega 10 GPU. Hence, it is now clear that the showcase demo was running on the company’s new high-end GPU.

Apparently, there are rumors that the Doom demo showcase is using the smaller mid-range Vega 11 GPU. Fortunately, AMD’s head of Radeon technologies did a great job in clearing that issue. Furthermore, the engineering sample of the AMD Vega 10 powered graphics card unit is now out in the open.

AMD Vega 10 GPU Should Outperform The NVIDIA GTX 1080?

Digging in deeper into AMD’s Ryzen and Vega 10 architecture announcements, Gordon Mah Ung and Brad Chacos sat down with Koduri. And for those who are unaware, Chacos and Ung is working with the website called PCWorld. Furthermore, all three of them had an approximately 40 minutes of conversation.

One of the very interesting questions that came up in the interview is about AMD Vega’s power. Apparently, the interviewers came up with a very specific question that involves the Vega and the GTX 1080. The interviewers asked whether Vega would still be able to “beat the pants off the GTX 1080” if the Doom demo was run using OpenGL instead of Vulkan.

The AMD Vega 10 GPU that was used in the Doom demo is definitely kicking the GTX 1080’s ass. However, the demo was running on Vulkan API which is more efficient than OpenGL. Hence, there could be a difference if the demo was ran on OpenGL.

However, Koduri thinks that it would still kick the GTX 1080’s ass even if it’s running on OpenGL. According to Koduri, he thinks it would because things are more GPUs bound at that resolution and less CPU bound. Koduri also stated that the Doom developer had done some optimizations on the console such as line assembly shaders and shader intrinsics.

AMD Vega 10 GPU Would Only Dominate The GTX 1080 On Vulkan API?

Koduri said that the optimizations stated above are probably aren’t available in OpenGL API. And apparently, AMD did not invest into putting all their work into OpenGL. AMD is just focused on Vulkan API due to the fact that they have limited engineers.

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