AMD Vega 10 GPU Images Surfaced; Leaked Photos Identical To A Reference RX 480

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AMD Vega 10 GPU

The guys working on the famous LinusTechTips had been very fortunate during the CES 2017. It appears that they have been given the chance to have a glimpse of the AMD Vega 10 GPU. In addition, it is now been confirmed that the GPU is sporting an HBM memory.

Behold The AMD Vega 10 GPU

The AMD Vega-based graphics card that was used during the CES 2017 event was indeed using HBM memory. In addition, the graphics card was using a standard air-based GPU cooler. The said cooler appears to be similar to AMD’s RX 480 reference graphics cards.

Looking at the Vega-based GPU below has also revealed several things. It appears that the GPU has no traces or other markings on the PCB that would indicate the use of GDDR5X memory. Hence, it has been confirmed that the GPU is based on High Memory Bandwidth or HBM memory.

Unfortunately, AMD covered most of the GPU using some kind of tape. As a result, the GPU’s power draw was hidden. AMD’s head of Radeon Technologies, Raja Koduri, stated that the GPU is just a pre-production sample. In this case, this specific GPU doesn’t represent the final product, which will be available to consumers.

AMD Vega 10 GPU Cooler & Temperature Speculations

As can be seen in the image, the demo Vega 10 AMD graphics card uses a standard double slot air cooler. Hence, it could mean that the Vega 10 GPU does not run as hot as AMD’s previous generation graphics card. AMD’s previous generation GPU offerings, particularly the 200 series, definitely ran hot.

The image then indicates that the memes about AMD being hot as hell are now over. Furthermore, the demo Vega GPU is still a pre-production sample. It could also be running at a lower clock speed for the sole purpose of the demo showcase.

AMD Vega GPU 10 GPU Release Date Final Product

The sample GPU that was shown during the CES 2017 event has numerous additional parts and connections. However, these things won’t be present in the final product or retail Vega GPUs. At the present time, AMD is yet to announce the exact release date of the Vega GPU lineup.

On the positive side, they hinted that it would release before the summer of 2017. Several things such as how fast AMD’s Vega GPU will be are still uncertain. There’s still a few months before the hinted release date which could bring a lot of changes.

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