AMD Vega 10 GPU Architecture Will Have 7 Graphics Cards in the Lineup

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AMD Vega 10 product lineup revealed by Linux driver update

A device driver is an integral part in any computer system. It tells the computer how it should act and perform all its duties. Unfortunately, it can also tell the computer a few more information about the origin and make of a certain device. This is the case for most devices and their drivers. And this is the case for the AMD Vega 10 architecture as well.

According to Phoronix, AMD just released 100 patches for various AMD products including the upcoming Vega 10 architecture GPU. Based on the 40,000 lines of codes, it seems that the newest architecture will have as much as seven products lined up for it.

By now, many sites will say to anyone that the new Vega 10 architecture will have the device ID of 0x687F. Based on the leaked information about the AMD device drivers, this will be the least powerful AMD Vega 10 GPU. Other device IDs include 0x6860, 0x6861, 0x6862, 0x6863, 0x6867, and 0x686C. It should be noted that these numbers represent the graphics card in decreasing order of power or performance. Although the device IDs did not say anything much, but judging by the way AMD releases its products, consumers could be looking at a minimum of three Radeon RX cards. Furthermore, there could be two RX Radeon PRO and two Radeon Instinct graphics cards.

AMD Vega 10 product lineup revealed by Linux driver update

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At the moment, only these information are known. Unfortunately, the device drivers did not say when the products will be released. The only things mentioned in the drivers are how the said devices will function in a Linux environment. However, there are rumors that some of these devices will be released sometime in May.

In addition to the full AMD Vega 10 lineup, the report also said that the drivers sent out by AMD includes a number of new features. These new features include new video BIOS interface, new intellectual property, power management, and virtualisation to name a few. For more updates on the AMD Vega 10 graphics cards, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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