AMD Threadripper 1920X and 1950X to Retail at $799 and $999

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AMD Threadripper price revealed

Yesterday, AMD announced its newest line of high-end desktop or HEDT processor, the Threadripper. The Threadripper is a direct competition of Intel’s Xeon server-grade processor. At the moment, only two models from the lineup were revealed: the 1920X and the 1950X.

These new HEDT processors are based on the same Zen architecture on the AMD Ryzen desktop processor lineup. However, the 1920X will have a total of 12 cores while the 1960X will be equipped with a whopping 16 physical cores.

AMD Threadripper 1920X

On the surface, both Threadripper processors are nothing but a cluster of processor chips on a single substrate. Both the 1920X and 1950X will have four individual processors interconnected on the PCB substrate. On the 1920X, however, each silicon part of the substrate will have three cores.

The 1920X, as mentioned earlier, will have a total of 12 cores per package. These cores will be running at a base clock of 3.5GHZ and a boost clock of 4GHz. Total dissipated power of TDP will be somewhere around 180W and the processor itself will be priced around $799.

AMD Threadripper price revealed

AMD Threadripper (via

Compared to the Intel i9-7900X, the 1920X has two more cores while keeping the price considerably lower; with the i9-7900X priced at $999. However, the i9-7900X consumes less energy and slightly higher base and boost clocks than the 1920X. Nevertheless, it might work out that the extra cores and lower price point will be AMD’s secret weapon against the i9-7900X.

AMD Threadripper 1950X

The second HEDT processor to be announced was the 1960X. This monster of a processor has a dizzying 16 physical cores running at the same speed as the 1920X. Even better, it consumes just about the same amount of energy as the 1920X.

Price-wise, Anandtech claims the 1950X will retail at around $999. This is quite surprising since the price alone is enough to turn heads as Intel has its 18-core i9-7980XE at $1,999. Meanwhile, Intel’s Xeon Gold 6150 will retail at $3,358.

The price gap between the processors are quite considerable and impressive. Especially now that AMD has managed to get out of the rut it has been in for about a decade. With the success of the AMD Risen platform, there is no denying that PC enthusiasts will give the AMD Threadripper a good glance.

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