AMD Ryzen Specs, Release Date: Intel to be Challenged Come First Quarter of 2017 with AMD Ryzen

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AMD Ryzen

?The new AMD Ryzen is perhaps the most impressive chip to even come out of AMD. With a base clock frequency minimum of 3.4GHz, PC enthusiasts can expect more from the said chip.

Next year will prove to be a tough time for Intel. This is mainly due to the fact that AMD is about to release its newest processor to shake up the competition. According to Dr. Lisa Su, AMD?s CEO and president, the AMD Ryzen promises gamers and PC enthusiasts alike the best 2017 yet. The new processor will bring forth a new horizon in computing technology.

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In the recent AMD event, Su officially unveiled the AMD Ryzen chip to the public. In the said event, the processor was put head to head with the?current processor from its competitors. The competing chip is the Intel i7-6900K, the same 8-core, 16-thread chip only more expensive. Needless to say, the results were pretty amazing.

AMD Ryzen

Dr. Lisa Su Presenting the AMD Ryzen Processor (via

On Blender 3D, the new Ryzen processor came out neck to neck with the Intel processor of the same grade. It showed an almost equal rendering time for both AMD Ryzen and Intel i7-6900K.

The second test was for video transcoding. The AMD processor managed to finish transcoding almost 10 percent faster than the Intel chip. The Ryzen clocked in at 54 seconds while the i7-6900K finished at 59 seconds.

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The increased performance is made possible by AMD?s newest design architecture that features a technique akin to artificial intelligence. The Smart Prefetch and Neural Net Prediction technologies account for at least 25 percent of the performance increase for the AMD Ryzen.

In addition to these, AMD also included SenseMI technology to make the processor sense and adapt according to its surroundings. This, together with Precision Boost technology enables the Ryzen to adjust its speed in accordance to the cooling attached to it.

On release, the high-end AMD Ryzen chip will have 8 cores, 16 threads, 20MB of cache, and 95W TDP. The base frequency is set to 3.4GHz as the?minimum. However, boost frequency will be revealed next year on its release.

The new processor will come out together with the AM4 chipset motherboards in the first quarter of 2017.

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