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AMD Ryzen Rivals Intel To Launch Kaby Lake With Optane SSDs

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AMD Ryzen rivals Intel is all set to launch the Kaby Lake processors with optane SSDs. Lenovo?s upcoming laptops will carry these processors.

Lenovo has officially announced that its new generation of ThinkPads are carrying Intel?s Kaby Lake processors.

The new Intel Optane devices are codenamed Stony Beach NVMe PCIe 3 x2 drives. As per the latest leaks, the upcoming Intel Kaby Lake processors will be branded as the Intel Optane Memory 8000p series. It will have a 32GB capacity, according to anandtech.

Kaby Lake

The Kaby Lake processor is the successor of the Skylake processor. It is a 14nm processor. The CPU architecture of Kaby Lake will be slightly different compared to Skylake. Kaby Lake will work at a faster CPU clock speed. It will also carry ?higher Turbo frequencies and a new graphics architecture compared to the previous processor. The processor will provide the best 3D and 4K performance.

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The Skylake processor fans may not be as impressed with the Kaby Lake processor in the future. This could be due to the reason that Skylake a very good processor. However, the Kaby Lake can outperform the Skylake in overclocking.

At present, Intel i7-7700K is the the highest performing Intel processor. It works at the clock speed of 4.2GHz, with the Turbo increasing that to 4.5GHz, according to PC Mag.

A Russian website OCLab checked the capacity of Intel?s Kaby Lake processor. They used liquid nitrogen cooling and kept the Kaby Lake chip in a Z170 motherboard. The chip was running steadily at 7022.96MHz. This is considered to be a pretty impressive performance.

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AMD Ryzen To Compete With Kaby Lake

The AMD Ryzen review was leaked online. In the performance test, AMD Ryzen was able to perform better than the six-core HEDT Intel Core i7-6800K, which had the price tag of $434. But, there are few loopholes in AMD Ryzen. It is not considered a great processor for gaming laptops.

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The Core i7-6700K has scored better than AMD Ryzen. AMD Ryzen will run on AMD?s AM4 motherboard with the Bristol Ridge chipset. It will pack a dual memory channel DDR4 memory subsystem. On the upside, AMD Ryzen will be cheaper than Intel?s Kaby Lake Processor.

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