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AMD Ryzen Review: Top Things to Get Excited About the New Processor

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AMD Ryzen

The AMZ Zen rumors flooded the internet over the past couple of months. The processor which was codenamed as ?Summit Ridge? was finally unveiled as the AMD Ryzen this week to the delight of tech fans. Now, many tech fans are starting to evaluate all the AMD Ryzen features to assess just how great the new chipset really are.

The rivalry between AMD and Intel has been a very fiery one with each company trying to stay ahead of the other. Intel has been working on the Kaby Lake processors to help the company hang on to the top spot in the industry. AMD though has just unveiled the AMD Ryzen which is poised to give the Kaby Lake a run for its money.

AMD Ryzen

Here are the top things about the AMD Ryzen that tech fans should be really excited about.

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  • AMD SenseMI Technology ? This is one of the biggest factors why the AMD Ryzen is expected to become one of the best processors to launch soon. According to ZDNet, the technology makes the Ryzen more powerful and more adaptive to the needs and demands of its users. This is definitely something that will set the AMD Ryzen apart from its competitors.

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  • Clocks at 3.4GHz ? This is certainly going to be one of the biggest selling points for the Ryzen chipset from AMD. The 3.4 GHz clock speed which was unveiled by the company was without any boost features enabled yet. This surely goes to show just how fast and powerful the processor really is.
  • Early 2017 Release Date ? With the early verdict on the AMD Ryzen being really positive, tech fans have been wondering when they can buy the processor. The great thing about it is that it appears the chipset will launch early next year which should get many tech lovers happy.

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AMD Ryzen Release

The AMD Ryzen is certainly going to be an exciting new processor that will make waves once it launches. Be sure to check back here soon to find out more news and updates on the AMD Ryzen release as well as on other trending topics in the world of tech.


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