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AMD Ryzen Price and Features Attract Users to Switch From Intel

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AMD Ryzen Price

AMD and Intel has long had a very fierce rivalry as to which company is king of the processors. Intel has had the advantage for the longest time but this year, AMD has made waves to narrow the gap. Its recent AMD Ryzen processor has intrigued tech fans even those normally using Intel processors. The revelation of the AMD Ryzen price and features will surely be something that will make them think even more about the upcoming processor.

The AMD Ryzen processors have been the subject of countless rumors over the past several months. The talk of AMD working on a high-end chipset geared for intense PC gaming has captured the headlines recently. The unveiling of the AMD Ryzen earlier in the month certainly made tech fans even more excited about the new processors.

But while AMD introduced their Ryzen chipset via the New Horizon event it held last week, there are still several details which are not yet know about it. The AMD Ryzen price is a prime example of one.

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AMD Ryzen Price

AMD Ryzen Features

Luckily, several insiders have made predictions to give fans an idea as to how much the AMD Ryzen processors will cost. According to PC Advisor UK, they predict that the quad-core variant will be priced ?200 which is about US$250.

The six-core variant could be priced at ?300 which is equivalent to around US$370. On the other hand, they predict that the eight-core option will cost between ?400-?600 or around $500-$750.

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AMD Ryzen Features

If the predictions turn out to be true, it will be a significantly cheaper option compared to Intel?s current Broadwell-E i7 processors. The upcoming Kaby Lake chipsets are expected to cost even more so the competitive price of the AMD Ryzen will be a huge detail which could cause Intel fans to make the switch.

The AMD Ryzen is expected to be more powerful and more efficient than its Intel counterparts. The fact that it could also be cheaper will definitely be something that will translate to huge success for AMD.

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Be sure to check back here soon to find out more news and updates on the AMD Ryzen price and features as well as on other trending topics in the world of tech.

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