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AMD Ryzen New Leaked Benchmarks Shows Powerful Configurations

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AMD Ryzen Leaked Benchmark

There has been so much hype around the recently announced AMD Ryzen processors in tech circles. The Ryzen release is the recent move by AMD to try and close the gap in their rivalry with Intel. While it has not yet released, fans got a glimpse of just how powerful it is as the recent AMD Ryzen leaked benchmarks show it can go toe to toe with Intel?s most powerful processor.

The AMD Ryzen is being pitted against the upcoming Intel Kaby Lake processors as the two could be the best ones in the market. Until the two processors release though all that tech fans can do is speculate as to which chipset will reign supreme.

AMD Ryzen Leaked Benchmarks

Recently, leaked benchmarks of the AMD Ryzen though have given tech enthusiasts a realistic idea as to just how great it can be. According to Extreme Tech, test was made by French tech magazine Canard PC on an engineering sample Ryzen CPU with a 3.15GHz base clock and a 3.3GHz boost clock.

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The results were very positive for the AMD Ryzen as it showed that it can go head to head against high-end Intel processors. In terms of 3D rendering and video encoding performance, the Ryzen chipset performed better than Intel?s Core i7-6800K processor. The Ryzen chip was only bested by the Core i7-6900K processor which has a higher 3.7GHz boost clock.

In terms of power consumption, the AMD Ryzen likewise got very good results. The same report mentions that the Ryzen chip which was tested consumed 93 watts which is way below the FX-8370 chipset despite it being a lot faster than the latter.

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AMD Ryzen Could Be the Best Processors of 2017

All of these results are certainly exciting but they are not official just yet. Tech fans should wait until the AMD Ryzen chipset is finally released and tested before the final verdict on the processor can be had. If the leaked benchmarks are any indication though, the Ryzen could end up being one of the most powerful processors in the market next year.

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Be sure to check back here soon to find out more news and updates on the AMD Ryzen as well as on other trending topics in the world of tech.

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