AMD Ryzen Follow Up Already in the Works; Releasing Early 2018

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AMD announced AMD Ryzen follow up product, Zen 2

Right now, anyone who is a PC enthusiast will say the AMD is on the roll. The company just officially released the AMD Ryzen about a week ago. Yesterday, it announced its newest line of server processors, the AMD Naples. And now, AMD detailed its processor lineup for next year.

According to PC Games Hardware, AMD is planning on releasing the next Zen architecture, the Zen 2, in early 2018. Furthermore, the company is expecting considerable incremental gain from the new architecture against the current one.

When AMD first announced the Zen core, it promised a minimum of 40 percent increase in instruction per clock performance. So far, AMD has been successful in delivering that promise. In fact, it even exceeded its target by more than 12 percent. The new AMD Ryzen processor registered a staggering 52 percent IPC increase over the old Excavator core architecture.

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For the Zen 2 platform, AMD promises a minimum of 5 percent increase in performance. However, based on the company’s performance so far, consumers could be looking at between 60 to 65 percent IPC increase against the Excavator core.

At the moment, nothing much is known about the Zen 2 architecture apart from target performance and possible release date. However, AMD CEO Lisa Su assured the public that the company has a huge team working on the Zen 2 core at the moment and that they aim to get the product released as soon as possible.

It would seem that AMD is really serious about getting back on the saddle. For years, the company has lost its footing especially in the PC market. Now, with the release of the AMD Ryzen, the company is slowly but surely taking the reins back, and it looks like the desktop is just the beginning.

AMD also announced yesterday that its future server line of products, the AMD Naples, will be released in the second half of 2017. The new server processor boasts an increase in PCI lanes as well as memory lanes per die. Furthermore, it also boasts a maximum of 32 physical and 64 logical cores per chip. On earlier benchmarks, the AMD Naples has already left Intel’s Xeon server processor in the dust.

Perhaps it is still too soon to tell who is winning in the processor race. However, it would seem that at the moment, AMD is taking the lead with the AMD Ryzen. For more updates on the AMD Ryzen and Zen architecture, be sure to check out TheBitbag.

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