AMD Ryzen Benchmarks Surfaced; Shows Massive Improvement From Predecessor

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amd ryzen benchmarks

The benchmark results for the AMD?s upcoming Ryzen CPUs somehow made its way into the Internet. Fans of AMD are in for a treat as the AMD Ryzen benchmarks results show 50% more performance compared to the previous FX 8370. In addition, it also offers the same IPC to modern CPUs from AMD?s rival company, Intel.

AMD Ryzen Benchmarks

While these results are clearly from AMD?s upcoming CPUs, the results came from an Engineering sample. Hence, it has lower clock speeds than the finished product which will be available for the consumers. Furthermore, the CPU has a base clock speed of 3.15GHz and a turbo clock speed of 3.3GHz on all cores.

In addition, a single CPU core can reach the clock speed of up to 3.5GHz maximum. AMD previously stated that the lineup of AMD Ryzen CPU is going to feature a base clock speed of 3.4+GHz. Hence, people should expect higher performance compared to what is shown in the benchmark image below.

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amd ryzen benchmarks

With a base clock speed of 3.4GHz in the least, the retail version of AMD Ryzen CPU will have 8% more performance than what?s shown below. Furthermore, a wide array of applications was tested including some games that were released in the past few years.

The benchmark programs include WPrime, Blender 3D, H.264 and other CPU intensive programs. It is also important to realize that the results might be recorded before the AMD Ryzen event on pre-release hardware. Hence, the retail sample from AMD should have an increased power efficiency and/or improved performance.

amd ryzen benchmarks

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As can be seen in the AMD Ryzen benchmarks, the Ryzen CPUs are 50% more powerful than their old FX 8370 despite having lower clock speeds. In addition, the benchmark results below indicate that AMD?s Ryzen CPU has the ability to surpass the performance of Intel i7-6800K. As a matter of fact, Ryzen offers performance that is almost at par with the Intel i7-6900K.

As can be seen, AMD actually made a great job in the Ryzen lineup given that it surpasses Intel?s powerful i7 CPUs. In addition, these processors from Intel is priced at $1000 which makes AMD Ryzen a better choice.

amd ryzen benchmarks

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