AMD Ryzen 9 Full Lineup Leaked, Boasts Maximum Of 16 Cores

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AMD Ryzen 9 full lineup leaked

For years, Intel has been the go-to brand when it comes to PC hardware. The brand has been synonymous to superb performance albeit being on the pricier side of things, especially for the high-end desktop range. However, with the recent release of AMD Ryzen, all of this is about to change. More than ever with the upcoming AMD Ryzen 9 that boasts a maximum of 16 cores per die.

According to a recent tweet from WikiChip, the upcoming AMD Ryzen 9 platform will have a minimum of 10 cores and goes up until 16-cores per package. The base frequency is set at 3.2GHz while the boost is at 4.0GHz. On top of this, the new line of high-end processors will also support quad channel, instead of dual channel, DDR4 memory with a maximum frequency of 3200MHz.

In comparison to the latest Skylake-X HEDT processor from Intel, the i7-7920X only has a maximum of 12 cores per die. This allows for 24 threads executed simultaneously with the Hyper-threading enabled.

As for the part numbers for the upcoming HEDT line of processors, the top-tier belongs to the AMD Ryzen 9 1998 and 1998X. The next tier in line with 14 cores include the 1976X, 1977, and 1977X.

The 1956 and 1956X will have a maximum of 12 cores per package. And finally, the ten-core SKU will have the 1955 and the 1955X.

On release, the AMD Ryzen 9 or otherwise known as Threadripper, will be the most powerful HEDT processor in the market. There are no definite release dates for the processors yet. However, rumour has it that the AMD Ryzen 9 platform may get an unveiling sometime in the second half of 2017. That said, many experts agree that AMD could use the upcoming Computex event in Taiwan to unveil the processor together with the new Naples server platform. For more updates on the AMR Ryzen 9 processors, be sure to check us out at The Bitbag.

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