AMD RX Vega Production Woes; Still Rumored for Early June Unveiling

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AMD RX Vega production woes

It has been more than two years since AMD released a high-end GPU for the PC. With NVIDIA taking the center stage on professional level graphics cards, many AMD fans are still waiting for that much hyped AMD RX Vega series to be launched. Now, it seems like AMD fanboys will have something to celebrate this summer although they might have to scramble in the first few months of release.

According to Video Cardz, there is a rumor that the AMD RX Vega GPU may get an unveiling sometime in the early days of June. The event that is said to host the unveiling is this year’s Computex event in Taiwan. According to the source, Power Color, one of AMD’s partners, has already sent out invites to the said event.

In the invitation, the company somewhat teased the invitees about the possibility of a Vega launch. Apart from its newest Red Devil series, some experts speculate that it might also feature the new AMD RX Vega GPU. Unfortunately, this is nothing but a speculation based on the event invitation that the company sent out.

AMD RX Vega production woes

PowerColor AMD Radeon RX 480 graphics card (via

On other notes, another rumour about the AMD RX Vega has surfaced recently. This time, it pertains to the availability of the graphics card on release. According to Tweak Town, AMD and its fabrication partner are experiencing difficulties in manufacturing HBM2 memories for the graphics cards. Because of this, there is a chance that AMD might ship less than 20,000 units of the AMD RX Vega graphics card on the first few months of release. This will be the case until such time that the foundry has enough HBM2 memories to satisfy demands.

It is not a surprise that AMD is having problems with HBM2 memories. The technology is relatively new apart from its really complex manufacturing requirements. However, like in many engineering endeavors, all it needs is a bit more time for the engineers to sort out some issues in the manufacturing. For more updates on the AMD RX Vega, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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