AMD RX 460 Guide: How To Unlock 10% More Performance Boost

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AMD RX 460

The AMD RX 460 has 10%-12% more power that is currently slumbering in the depths of the card. Unlocking the RX 460 may seem to be a simple task for the experienced ones. However, people who aren?t familiar with the process must be extra cautious.

Risks of Unlocking the AMD RX 460

RX 460 users who wish to unlock the additional performance boost can update the card?s firmware. However, the unlocking process has a little downside. Updating the RX 460?s firmware would surely unlock more performance at the risk of bricking it.

It is important to realize that the damage dealt to the graphics card could be irreparable. In addition, it?s always possible that something might go wrong if the user flashes the BIOS of their card.

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Unlocking the AMD RX 460

It is important to realize that with the launch of AMD Radeon Settings ReLive, the BIOS Signature Check has been re-enabled. Hence, anyone running a custom BIOS on any Polaris cards would be prohibited from running the latest driver. Fortunately, the website TechPowerup came up with an excellent workaround.

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At the present time, Asus Strix 04G and Sapphire Nitro 4G variants are the only ones available for unlocking. As a courtesy from the website Overclocking Guide, RX 460 users can download the modified BIOS version in the links provided below.

Firstly, backup the original BIOS file of the GPU. Afterward, run the file named ?Flash unlocked BIOS.bat? to start the flashing process. Flashing the RX 460?s BIOS would take approximately 15 seconds and the images below should appear.

After the process, restart the system and users can now enjoy a performance boost in their respective AMD RX 460 graphics card. In this case, you may now call your boosted RX 460, RX 465.

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