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AMD Raven Ridge APU: Much More Powerful Than PS4 Graphics Engine

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AMD Raven Ridge APU

The AMD Raven Ridge APU on AM4 platform will reportedly sport 4 Zen cores. In addition, it will have a 1024 core Vega 10 GPU, as well as stacked High Bandwidth Memory or HBM. It all fits inside a small 210mm die accompanied by a thermal design power target of 93-35 watts.

AMD Raven Ridge APU Has Two Variants

In addition, a report from the website Bitsandchips.it has revealed that AMD is also working on a lesser and smaller variant. This smaller Raven Ridge APU has a 170mm die and 768 Vega GCN cores. And unfortunately, it doesn’t have an HBM, just DDR4.

Furthermore, the stronger variant of the two is going to be compatible with the AM4 socket. While the less stronger, and HBM-lacking version will mainly be present in notebooks.

Accelerated Processing UnitRaven Ridge APU(AM4)Raven Ridge(FPS)
TDP35 to 95W4 to 35W
CPU ArchitectureZenZen
GPU ArchitectureVegaVega
GPU Cus1612
Processor Node14nm FinFET14nm FinFET

AMD Raven Ridge APU Competing Against The PS4?

People probably already know the entire APU plans for the post-bulldozer architecture era. And they include a dual-core 7nm 10 watt “Grey Hawk.” In addition, it also include a very powerful HPC APU that sports a 32 Zen core “Naples” chip with 4096 stream processor “Vega10/Greenland” GPU.

Furthermore, the HBM equipped AMD Raven Ridge APU will feature 128GB per second of memory bandwidth. Hence, it will be able to deliver a graphics performance similar to the current generation console such as the PlayStation 4.

Thanks to the APU’s 1024 Vega GCN cores and a lot of memory bandwidth, Raven Ridge APU will easily outperform Sony’s PS4 graphics engine at 1.84 TFLOPS. As a matter of fact, AMD has recently introduced a 35W mobile Polaris GPU. The said GPU has 2 TFLOPS of graphics horsepower and 1024 stream processors.

And with Vega architecture being significantly more efficient people should expect some game-changing results. In other words, the integrated graphics engine of the AMD Raven Ridge APU would easily surpass the PS4.

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