AMD Radeon RX 490 Release Delayed, Moved to Q2 of 2017

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AMD Radeon RX 490

Anyone who is into gaming will confirm that the graphics card is one of the most important part of a gaming rig. Without it, games will have crappy resolution due to limitations imposed by standard CPUs. That is why, selecting the best performing graphics card according to one?s budget is very important. Unfortunately, going for high-end cards will surely burn a hole on anyone?s pocket. This is why when rumors of the AMD Radeon RX 490 started circulating, gamers got a bit excited.

AMD has been known to produce competitive gaming cards for not a lot of money. In fact, the current Radeon RX 480 is one of the best cards under the $300 range.

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Unfortunately, the RX 480 does not go well with games higher than 1080p. For the most part, the video card offers an average of 30 fps or frames per second refresh rate. To some gamers, high refresh rate is very important, especially on virtual reality games. On average, VR games need around 90Hz of fps of refresh rate to avoid motion sickness. Using the RX 480 on VR games, especially on ultra high settings, is next to impossible. For games demanding a lot of processing power, gamers will need high-end graphics cards.

AMD Radeon RX 480 via

AMD Radeon RX 480 via

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For that, the options are fairly limited. Those who want more quality out of their games will have to fork out between $1,000 to $1,500 for a decent high-end graphics card. Some even push the boundary to around $5,000. To most, this is too much. A lot of gaming rig are priced between $500 to $1,000. Spending the same amount of money just for the graphics card alone is very impractical.

This is where the AMD Radeon RX 490 comes in. As stated earlier, AMD is known to produce graphics cards on the cheap. If rumors are to be believed, the RX 490 will be priced under the $500 bracket.

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Unfortunately, to this day, this is entirely speculative. AMD has yet to confirm pricing on the said graphics card.

New reports suggest that AMD will unveil the new graphics card early next year during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. If this proves to be true, gamers can expect availability between Q1 and Q2 of 2017.

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