AMD Radeon RX 490 Hitting Store Shelves Soon as RRA Certification Passes

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AMD Radeon RX 490

In the world of gaming, performance is very important. One can only get that far from the best and fastest CPU, but without a GPU, all is for naught. The GPU handles most of the computing required to render 3D images on the screen. Basically, the more powerful the GPU one has, the better the graphics quality will be. This is why it is very important for gamers and professionals to have the best graphics card for their PCs. Fortunately, AMD has the answer for this with the upcoming AMD Radeon RX 490.

A recent press release from the National Radio Research Agency in South Korea revealed conformity certification results for the Vega 10 and Polaris 12 GPUs. This could mean that the rumored Vega 10-based Radeon RX 490 could be coming sooner rather than later.

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The conformity certificates highlighted two different AMD GPU chips with model numbers C90603 and D04001. The Polaris GPU is believed to be the first while the latter is for the Vega 10. As with other AMD video card releases, the company attaches model numbers to each board. The 2015 Hawaii XT video cards have the model number C67101. The Tonga GPUs are numbered C76501 while the Fiji XT videos cards are C88001. Following this chronological order, it is only logical that the Polaris will have the C9XXXX model number.

AMD Vega 10

AMD Vega 10 RAA Certification (via raa.ko)

AMD Polaris 12

AMD Polaris 12 RAA Certification (via raa.ko)

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This certification represents the finality of the Vega 10 and Polaris 12 graphics cards. This also means that there will be no more modifications to be done on the graphics cards until its release. If AMD decides to release a new one, it will have to apply for a new product certification from RRA.

South Korea?s RRA is the country?s main certifying body for anything electronic related. Any device that will be released in the market will need to pass its certification process.

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The AMD Radeon RX 490 is targeted for high-end PC gamers. It boasts native support for 4K graphics with over 12 TFLOPS of computing power. It is rumored to be released sometime in the early months of 2017. Some reports suggest a reveal date as early as CES 2017.

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